On The Wings Of Hope

by Anime Fire

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RobSiab I absolutely love this band. They splendidly combine breakbeat electronica and heavy deathcore/metalcore resulting in a very original sound. Great use of synths on certain parts make for some superb atmospheric moments. Also their lyrics have really unique subjects, setting an almost fantastical tone. Favorite track: On The Wings Of Hope.
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Anime Fire 'On the Wings Of Hope'
Skull & Bones Records
Stomp Records


released January 1, 2009

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen
Recorded and engineered by Laurie McCallum
Lyrics by Matthew Leonard Rowe



all rights reserved


Anime Fire Australia

Anime Fire was an Australian Metalcore/Hardcore band. This site serves as a memorial, enabling a showcasing of the bands works.

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Track Name: On The Wings Of Hope
Everywhere, faces I see stare back in despair. Trading places with those faces won't go far; but you must hold on, you don't know what you've got, until it's gone. Without fear, to disappear, you pay the price for your life.

Hopes as high as the mountains, with our face's against the southern wind. I'll grasp inside to stay alive, and face my fears with the will to live.

You must become the change you wish to see in the world. If you want to go far, go together, and blanket the cold. You must become the change you wish to see in the world. If you want to go fast, go alone, but never back up and fold.

Everyday, you have to face the fight to find a way. Nothing's easy that will please me, as I search for truth; and hold on
to everything I've found until I'm gone. And at the end, my life is spent, I'm facing death, with the path I went.

Desolate, this is becoming; and beneath the feet of us, this Earth will shake.
Track Name: Apophis (Destroyer Of Worlds)
It will take the treasures invested in your soul, as the sky turns red and the oceans boil. From the depths, of the untrodden, given birth by a distant sun, Apophis discriminates against no one.

To turn sand into glass; we'll be done by midnight. When the sky is turned to stone and it's Earth against Earth. The death of the Sapien, the wise and the faithful. Only the man with the reason, will this notice be useful.

Destroyer of worlds, you can black out the sky; our reasons to live and lie, are our reasons to die. Obscene, is the waste of this earth, a celestial body for that it is cursed, more than this plague of man.

We yearn for wings and lungs with air, as our reign on earth comes to an end. Suicide, in mind, for a death before our time; the corruption flow is our fatal crime.

So hold your breath until your lungs are wet; but hold your loved ones closer, in the darkness, hold composure. We're failing, but we're alive. To find your piece of mind, search in this great divide.
Track Name: Sea Of Serpents
Walking blindly, looking through the eyes of scripture; they pick the teachings only fit for today. Man made gods, moulded in our only image. Blind faith and myths compose all our history. What's the voice, inside? My mind is filtered with the moral zeitgeist. There was no sin but the absence of truth in the world; I won't take apart in the foolishness held.

We die for freedom. Only the wise survive. We die for truth, paying the price with lives. We abandon this logic at expense to ourselves; we abandon this logic, at our expense. Let's watch the suns burn into darkness; they don't all have to be from Earth. In the white sky view of the future, when time has told if we are worthy of not, let's watch the suns burn. In the end when committed to darkness, we shall learn death from truth.
Track Name: Mother Of The Storm
We’ll watch the waters rise, let's grace this earth one last time. Sink below, to Davy Jones, as the bodies on earth, they turn to bone; and condemn the drowned, you know where down until we are all underground. Sent forth from our fathers, decisions are made, but worlds are lost.

We’ll watch the waters rise, let's grace this earth one last time. Shipwrecked by ignorance, this way of life brings one effect; an Atmosphere of fear, this truly is the mother of the storm. Sent forth to destroy us, the Arctic winds within hold no remorse.

Fear who heaves the oceans, fear who wings forth the storms; through a crown of thistles, cursed is the earth upon we walk.

We’ll watch the waters rise, let's grace this earth one last time. Bring forth the hand of death, rain down on man, his pestilence; from the black & blue, when the oceans still, and the ice sheets return. Unnatural numbers, bring upon us the undesired age.